Songs Of 2010...

Or songs I discovered in 2010. I just finished this mix for a friendly blog that a friend started at songtrade. I haven't posted in ages, but I thought if anyone ever still checks this, I could surprise them with a mix. Why not? Here it is. I hope you (if anyone) enjoy.

1. Awesome Color - Eyes of Light - 2008. Heard this album this year and just really got into it. I like the repetitive beat of it. The album is great by the way.

2. Arzachel - Leg - 1969. A gift from Last.fm this year. The album was recorded in a cave in the Ukraine. For real.

3.The Black Angels - 2010. I've been following these Austin dudes for a couple years now. They're just about everything I look for in a rock band. See them live if you get the chance.

4. Girls - Lust For Life - 2009/10. I know, this song would probably be on every girl that works at URBN's top list for the year, but, there's something I really like about it.

5. Dungen - Gör Det Nu - 2007. Psych/Prog/Folk. I don't know. Some weird Swedish freak-out shit. I guess I missed the boat on these dudes. I remember people being stoked on this R5 show.

6. Mount Carmel - Livin' Like I Wanna - 2010. Almost sounds like the first Grand Funk album with a little less testosterone. And that's cool with me.

7. The Warlocks - Standing Between the Lovers of Hell - 2010. Some mellow stuff from a band that's awesome.

8. Wooden Shjips - Contact - 2009. Music to smoke drugs to.

9. Sleepy Sun - Wild Machines - 2010. Just got into this band a couple of months ago and haven't stopped listening to it. They're a good mix of dreamy and psych.

10. Wild Nothing - Drifter - 2010. Great song from a great album.

11. Washed Out - New Theory - 2010. A little more synthy than I'm used to, but that's a good thing. Their name actually describes the music quite well.

12. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill - 1985. I may have heard this one before this year, but for some reason, it's really stuck with me lately.

13. Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand - 2010. This is almost some Goth cross-over type stuff. It's dark, but her voice is beautiful.

14. Phosphorescent - Reasons To Quit - 2009. I really like this dudes stuff. So, when he put out a tribute album to Willie Nelson, I was stoked. I've always like Willie's version which was written by Merle, but this is a nice twist.

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